Sabtu, 23 Mei 2009

SpyHunter 3.9 Security suite with cracked

SpyHunter 3.9 has SpyHunter contains advanced functionality
designed to prevent malware from hijacking your desired
Internet Explorer homepage.

When you run SpyHunter for the first time, the application
will prompt you with a dialog, allowing you to activate
Internet Explorer Homepage Protection and set your
desired default homepage.

File Name :SpyHunter Security suite.zip
Version :3.9.25
Download Size :9.811 Kb
Password :azkiya08


SpyHunter Features:

1. SpyHunter Scanner
SpyHunter 3.9 has been carefully engineered to be powerful
and complete enough for the most demanding technical
professional, yet simple enough for a first-time computer
user to safely and effectively utilize.

2. Process Guard
SpyHunter 3.9 contains an advanced Process Guard feature,
designed to give you complete control over which processes
are authorized to run on your system, and allowing you to
identify and stop malicious processes before they
are even executed!

3. Registry Guard
In addition to Process Guard, SpyHunter 3.9 contains
a Registry Guard feature, designed to give you complete
control over which processes are authorized to add
auto-start entries to your Windows registry.
This feature will identify and stop any processes
that attempt to secretly auto-start malware by
exploiting the Windows registry.

4. Active X Guard
SpyHunter's definition database contains a comprehensive
list of malicious ActiveX objects, which will
be automatically loaded to the blocked list.
This file is updated continuously by our
definitions team.

SpyHunter will automatically block any ActiveX
objects in the "Disabled" list from being executed.

5. Network Sentry
The SpyHunter Network Sentry is designed to give you
complete control over your system networking settings,
and to prevent malicious objects from modifying and
disrupting your Internet connection.

6. Scan Scheduler
SpyHunter incorporates an advanced scan scheduler
feature, which allows you to run a complete
SpyHunter scan at a pre-set time, even if you are
away from your computer

7. Spyware Helpdesk
The Spyware Helpdesk consists of two separate
sub-systems: the SpyHunter Support Ticket System,
and the Custom Fix system

8. Options
The Options panel offers several ways to customize
the operation of SpyHunter.

9. Update
SpyHunter includes an automated update feature
as well as a manual update method.
The Program Update and The Definitions Update